Services – Weddings

When you ask someone “how was the wedding?” People will usually say these two things:

  1. The MUSIC was amazing.
  2. The chicken was a little dry.

So much of your night rests on the shoulders of the band and The Cocktail Hour can make your night the most special of all.

The Cocktail Hour Band can be whatever you need it to be. We can provide solo performers to walk you down the aisle, magnetic duo’s to play during canapés, a band to make you boogie and DJ’s to make you groove. We can also provide jewish singers to perform the Horah at Jewish functions.

Wedding Band Sydney

A typical Cocktail Hour wedding performance would include:

  • A solo acoustic guitar/singer serenading the guests at the ceremony before the bride arrives. Then playing a beautiful love song as the bride walks down the aisle, another song for the guests as the bridal registry is sigtned, and then something to help the newly married couple walk back down the aisle.
  • A duo will then play during the cocktails hour while the bride and groom go off for photos. Playing some nice singer/songwriter tunes and grooves for people to relax and enjoy themselves before the main function begins.
  • Then during entrée and dinner the jazz quartet will play some beautiful standards for people to enjoy the food to.
  • Then comes the Dancing! The cocktail hour jazz quartet morphs into the funkiest rock/soul/pop band you’ve ever heard. The first dance, the garter, the bouquet all get hit with the amazing sounds of the band.
  • And if that’s not enough, then the band gets packed up and sent home while the DJ takes over and lets you and your guests dance the rest of the night away.


Some combinations you may not have thought of:

  • Acoustic Guitar/Vocals & Congas/Djembe
  • Acoustic Guitar/Vocals and Saxophone
  • DJ & Percussionist
  • DJ & Saxophononist